Destinations in Camping

  • Roca Partida (Split Rock)
  • Antón  Lizardo  Veracruz.

Length of Stay

1 night or
2 nights

Veracruz Adventuras, servicios y cursos de Buceo - A scuba diving service en Veracruz Mexico

Personal Equipment Suggested

tent, sleeping bag, insect repellant, sun screen, first aid kit, flashlight, cell phone, AM FM Radio, rain coat, pants, shorts, tee-shirts, swimming suit, general camping clothing.

Example of Menu

Breakfast, fruit juice, coffee, milk, cereal, seasonal fruits, eggs with ham bits.


fruit juice, roasted fish, salad, white rice, fruit cocktail


quesadillas with ham, beans, milk, coffee and doughnuts

What is included:

Camping license, transportation to and from the campsite

Activities: All activities have primal instinct at heart, make contact with nature, becoming more aware of life, reenergizing and fun.

Suggested activities during your camping trip:
Scuba, snorkeling, kayak, hiking, walking, nature watching, photographic safari, 
among many others.  

Send email asking for costs and schedules for camping departures.