1. Can learn to dive in a day?  

Answer = You can have the experience to know just what it feels like through taking our diving “baptism” called TRY SCUBA which is a designed to be an educational program so that in a day you have the opportunity to enjoy the sensation “to breathe under the water” admiring the biological diversity present in the Veracruz reefs.

2.- How old do I have to be to Dive?

Answer = There is a program especially designed for 8 year olds calles “Scuba Rangers” which is educational and tailored for young ones to have an enjoyable experience.

3.- Do I need to get a license to go diving?

Answer = It is necessary to take a course called “open water diver” in which you will be taught the basics so from then on you will be able to dive with the fullest enjoyment and safety.

4.-How much time does this course take?

Answer = One weekend is sufficent.

5.-What’s the cost?

Answer = about 350 US Dollars

6.-  What is included?

Answer = 5-6 real dives in the National Marine park of Veracruz, textbook, dive record, certification credential and diploma.

7.- What agency will be certifying me?

Answer = The agency is SCUBA  SCHOOLS  INTERNATIONALhttp://www.ssila.com  which is valid internationally

8.-Is scuba diving dangerous?

Answer = Scuba diving is a sporting activity that has a few more rules but when these are kept with discipline the dive is always a safe and excellent one. 

9.-Are sharks dangerous?

Answer = Basically Sharks are timid (depending on the species) but en general the bubbles from a divers snorkel and tank bother them. A shark attack is a very rare occurrence.

10.-What types of diving will I be able to do in Veracruz?

Answer = Reef diving, walls, canyons, submarines, sunken ships, artifical reefs to depths of between 3 and 40 meters.

11.-What area constitutes the Marine Park?

Answer = The areas included are from Veracruz to Antón Lizardo including a total of about 52,000, acres with 25 reefs. The entire park is a natural area protected by the Mexican government, where it is prohibited to touch or remove fish in its reefs.

12.-I have a diving certificate but it’s been a year since I have been diving. What do I need to do?

Answer = You can get updated by a quick reminder course of scuba equipment skills.

13:- What activities can we do in a camput at Roca  Partida?

R= river or ocean kayaking, rock climbing, rapeling, hiking, snorkeling and diving to name a few.