Diving Services

Diving Services


minimum occupancy
Daytime 10:00 AM VERACRUZ 2 dives BC and guide $750.00 5  divers
Dive 15:00 pm   lunch water and cokes    
Night 20:00 pm VERACRUZ 1 dive, BC  and guide $550.00 4 divers
Dive 23:00 pm   water and cokes    
Daytime 9:00 AM ANTÓN 2 dives BC and guide $980.00 8 divers
Dive 15:00 pm LIZARDO lunch, water and cokes    
Daytime 7:00 AM ROCA 2 dives BC and guide $2,100.00 10 divers
Dive 19:00 pm PARTIDA lunch, water and cokes    

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LOIS www.hotellois.com.mx

HOSTAL DE CORTES www.hotehostaldecortes.com 

NOVOMAR www.hotelnovomar.com.mx 

SAN ANGEL www.hotelsanangel.com.mx 

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